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HomeAbout UsFuture Plan

Future Plans

  • Installation of one 4KW laser Cutting Machine
  • Installation of one OTC robotic arm for welding
  • Fully equipped state of art Tool Room facility.
  • Expansion of fourth unit in Dharwad, Karnataka.


  • Fixture are use to maximize the productivity
  • Final Packing of products is done here.
  • For bare parts application of anti-rust / rust preventive are done at this stage.
  • Maintaining FIFO system in Finished Goods area.

Our Future Planning

Pneumatic Power Press, 500T, Model PE2U –

MODEL: PE2U 500/2500-1450.TS  
Nominal Force (T) 500
Stroke of Slide(mm) 400
Adjustability of Slide(mm) 320
Max. Daylight between bloster and Slide (SDAU)(mm) 900
Width between coloums(mm) 2500
Bed Area (width X depth)(mm) 2500 X 1450
Slide Area (Width X Depth)(mm) 2500 X 1450
Opening in Bed (width X depth)(mm) 2500 X 1020
Idle stroke rate per minute 20
Counter Pressure of Cushion in Bed (T) 63
Stroke of Cushion Plate(mm) 160
Height above Ground(mm) 7300

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